The Tao of Tim is now officially up and running, at least in the blogosphere.

There will essentially be five categories of posts here at The Tao of Tim:

  • excerpts from the second edition of my guide to life based on the rules of stand-up comedy: Stand Up & Succeed
  • excerpts from the upcoming book of humorously cynical poetry: The Cynglish Beat
  • excerpts from the collection of hilarious, true stories (tentatively titled) How to Get Kicked Out of a Brothel
  • Shooting for Success: what’s behind my most successful published images, from magazine covers to books, postcards and the one I sold to National Geographic.
  • general observations in the day-to-day world I reside in, including life on stage as an amateur stand-up comedian, my two very strange little dogs, life as a step-grandparent and time spent on a city transit system.

The excerpts that appear here will also make their way to my podcast, due to start up shortly. Keep an eye on The Tao of Tim for updates and links to the various projects I’m working on, including an anthology of terrific fiction for Dragon Moon Press, my sci-fi novel The Psilent One, and a little ghost story I`ve been novelizing from my own original screenplay.

Ciao for now,


2 thoughts on “HERE IT BEGINS…

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  1. Ditto, Gillian. It’s not the same being in different cities. We have to plan a visit one city or the other this winter.

    Thanks. I’m trying to get into it wholeheartedly rather than half-assed as usual *LOL*.

    Happy Holidays, too.


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