Stand-Up Comedy & Life: Fear

“If you don’t feel at least a little fear when you go up on stage, you need to try a bigger stage, because fear is where the adrenalin comes from and adrenalin is what feeds Success.”

~ Tim Reynolds ~

Every Successful person in every field of endeavour will tell you that each individual Success against the odds creates a ‘rush’, a joyous electric current deep down in whatever passes for their soul. Creation is called “the spark of life” for a reason — it gave God a six-day workweek and it made Frankenstein’s monster sit up and fart. So strap the alligator clips to your parts and turn up the juice, because once you know the rules, the only one that’ll be blocking your path to Success is you.

Ciao for now,


An excerpt from Stand Up & Succeed, by Timothy G.M. Reynolds, from Cometcatcher Press.

Words and Images are Copyright 2009 Tim Reynolds.


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