Stand-up Comedy & Life: Your Craft

“Work on your craft and don’t just focus on your career — your career has to have an underpinning of substance or your lack of knowledge will catch up to you.”

~ Barry Kennedy~

True lasting Success doesn’t simply happen overnight. Even our ‘instant starts’ from various Idol  shows have sung for years, often in church choirs or bands before they were ‘discovered’.

Of course, lucky breaks can always play a part in Success, but watch one of the bajillion Texas Hold’em poker tournaments on TV and note that when the cards suck, experienced players know when to either bluff or fold and wait for the next hand, and that’s when we see the substance of their craft shine through.

So, work on your craft– hockey, medicine, financial analysis, music, politics, photography, parenting — and the experience base you build will give you the foundation your Success needs. And have patience. Time spent on your dreams is never wasted.

Ciao for now,


An excerpt from Stand Up & Succeed by Tim Reynolds from Cometcatcher Press.

All Words & Images Copyright Timothy G.M. Reynolds.


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