Shooting for Success: A Soul-Cleansing Afternoon

This isn`t so much a photography how-to as it is just a quick note to accompany the snapshots I took on our brief afternoon-trip to Lake Louise from Calgary. It’s a roughly two-hour drive, one way, and although the forecast was for warm temperatures in Banff (40km south of Louise), there was an inversion in place up at the lake, 5680′ above sea level.

Castle Mountain in Banff National Park.
Castle Mountain in Banff National Park.

I don’t know all of the mechanics behind an inversion, but the end result is that the cold air is down while the warm air is up, and there’s usually an odd cloud formation involved (see the layer of cloud sitting on the lake in the image below).

In this case the cloud seemed to have trapped the frigid air right down on the lake, making it bitterly biting and difficult to go too far, especially for our two small dogs.

Skiers on frozen Lake Louise.
Skiers on frozen Lake Louise, Banff National Park.

Here are some of the snaps on the way up and then once we got there. We’ll be aiming to make another trip, sans mutts, in the next month or so, probably after the International Ice Carving competition in January, which needs to be photographed at night or in direct sunlight. That will be a Shooting for Success blog.

Castle Mountain, Banff National Park
Castle Mountain, Banff National Park
Tim Reynolds' photo on popular tourist products.

I suppose one bonus of going up to Lake Louise was the discovery that one of my photos leased to The Postcard Factory (but no payment received in over 5 years!) has been made into a coffee mug and a pen (ooh, aaah), in addition to the fridge magnet, playing cards and the postcard which was my first-ever postcard sale. Although I couldn’t find the deck of cards for this photo, here are the other four items. And, yes, I will be contacting them ASAP to get payment overdue.

When I lived at the Lake I was the most published local photographer, with books, posters, postcards, magazine covers and fridge magnets. It was a blast while it lasted.

Ciao for now,


All Words & Images Copyright Timothy G.M. Reynolds.


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