New Year’s Eve Messiah

Just a quick note to wish everyone a Happy New Year and may the next year and next decade fulfill all your dreams.

Ted Neely in Jesus Christ Superstar
Ted Neely in Jesus Christ Superstar, though Corey Glover was not in the Calgary production. This image is from Ted's own website:

To ring this year out we went to see Ted Neely in Jesus Christ Superstar (on stage). Ted played Jesus in the original film back in the early 70s, so he’s now 66 — almost as old as God himself. Until now I’ve never been a really big fan of Superstar, even having watched the DVD of a stage production last night, just to renew the songs in my head, but tonight I really loved the show. It reminded me of so much of what I loved about doing theatre and what I miss by not doing it now. On the other hand, my better half absolutely hated it and nearly walked out. That just goes to show you that two people seeing the same production from two different perspectives can get two different impressions.

I certainly don’t think the production was perfect, but having been in a musical or two in my time, I really appreciate the interpretation I saw tonight. The only thing I would change was where we sat. Third row, behind some spiky-haired 6′ tall kid. That close to the stage the floor starts to slope up again, and this kid’s head blocked the entire centre stage for me. Then there were the four effeminate men of varying ages together in the first row, periodically commenting to themselves about some inside joke (probably a chorus boy’s costume). They were almost as irritating as the seniors behind me. Mrs. didn’t know the play that well and Mr. had to explain “That’s Herod” or whomever it was, in a voice loud enough for Mrs. (and me) to hear.They stopped after my third turn and glance over my shoulder.

I could list my criticisms of the show here (they’re minor) but I don’ t want to end the year griping — I’ll leave that to others. We went out and saw a live production and I enjoyed it. I may not be a huge Andrew Lloyd Weber fan, but I now have a greater appreciation of both Jesus Christ Superstar and Jesus Christ Messiah. End of story.

Now to get some sleep and start the new Year well-rested.

Ciao for now.



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  1. Hi, sorry for this offtopic question but i dont find the RSS Feed Link to add this Blog to my Feedreader. Could you please give me the URL? Thanks a lot.

    Greetings from Switzerland

    1. Hello Franz. My apologies. I think the RSS Feed Link is now in place. Try the icon on the post page sidebar or try this URL:

      Thanks for your interest. What part of Switzerland are you in? I travelled there with my family when I was in high school and loved every minute of it. Well, maybe not when the Italian soldier pointed his assault rifle at us and started screaming, but the rest of the trip was marvellous.


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