Stand-Up Comedy & Life: Misconceptions

An excerpt from the book Stand Up & Succeed by Tim Reynolds.

Tim Reynolds as Jack Nicholson
Tim Reynolds as Jack Nicholson

“The biggest misconception about comedy is that comedians tell jokes. watch a 2-hour comedy show and you shouldn’t hear a single one.”

~Andrew Gross~

Although comics often refer to their humorous ‘bits’ as jokes, they’re actually observations or stories. Misconceptions can lead to wrong assumptions, which can lead to confusion, anger and actions off in all sorts of wrong directions. Just ask any new comic who tries to tell “street jokes” on stage.

In all that you do, get your facts straight so that no matter which decisions you make in your search for Success, you will at least be starting on the right foot.

Ciao for now,


Words & Images Copyright Timothy G.M. Reynolds

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