The Novel Process: The Damned Title

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The Process
The Writing Process

This post is going to be a simple one about a complicated problem: the title of the Blog Novel I’m writing. We already know that the novel will be set in a resort in the Rocky Mountains of North America and that the characters are Will Cotsan (the blogger) and Sara (the woman the blog is addressed to). What we don’t know is their relationship (see previous post for the possibilities I’m considering or the next post for my decision) and the title of the project.

I’m a firm believer that even if you change a project’s title later on, you need a good solid one to start with so it can help guide you and define what you’re doing. My novel The Psilent One started out as Frobisher Four, that being the name of the moon it’s set on. But the story isn’t about the moon so much as it’s about the main character, whom the local media know as The Psilent One, so the title eventually changed to fit the story better.

Here, then are the choices currently on the platter awaiting a fricking decision. Once I narrow the list down to ten or twelve I’ll do a mini survey for fan feedback.

  • Weak in the Knees for You (Serena Ryder song)
  • I Should Be Drunk
  • Drunk Hurts Less
  • Old College Avenue (Harry Chapin song)
  • I Remember When the Music (Harry Chapin song)
  • Photographs and Memories (Jim Croce song)
  • Wooden Boxes Strung With Silver Wire ((Harry Chapin lyric)
  • Diary of a Sad Man
  • The Last Romance
  • The Last Love Affair
  • Crazy About You
  • Wish You Were Here
  • Every Breath You Take (The Police song)
  • Every Vow You Take (The Police lyric)
  • Circle (Harry Chapin song)
  • All My Life’s A Circle (Harry Chapin lyric)
  • Cotsan Chronicles
  • Sara’s Story
  • The Story of Sara
  • Blogging Sara
  • The Sara Cotsan Story
  • For My Darling Sara
  • A Blogging Love Story
  • OMG, IWBWU (Oh my God, I Will Be Watching You)
  • Ether Bunny
  • Blogmance
  • Manifesting Density
  • No Promises
  • The Paperless Romance
  • Will’s Way
  • The Canoe Wrangler’s Love
  • For the Love of Sara Cotsan
  • Love Blog to Sara
  • Knee Brace and All (Sara will have a knee brace for sports because of a repaired AC Ligament)
  • Constant Craving (kd lang song)
  • From the Lake With Love
  • From the Lake With Blog
  • iBlog, uBlog, weBlog
  • Tangled Up Puppet (Harry Chapin song)
  • A Better Place to Be (Harry Chapin song)
  • ‘Til The Daybreak Comes Around (Harry Chapin lyric)
  • The Blogmance of Will & Sara
  • Love & Blogs to Sara
  • OMG FYI I(heart)U

The Harry Chapin theme running through here is for two reasons.

  1. His music has shaped my life and I want to make the story an homage to Harry.
  2. I’m thinking of starting each blog in the novel with a line from a Harry Chapin song.
  3. I was listening to Harry`s music while brainstorming the title.

And so those are the current choices I have on the board. Considerations for the title include:

  • reflecting the story properly
  • being catchy & memorable, for marketing reasons
  • being easy to remember
  • not giving away any surprises in the plot (ie: Blog to a Dead Chick)
  • not being used by a previous story/novel. Although titles are not copyrighted, I do an search as well as a Google search before deciding on any title.

On the list above I do have one or two favourites, but I’ll keep those cards close to my chest for the time being, just in case I put it to the public for input.

That’s it for this go-round. Once the title and the plot are set, the writing of the actual story will start.

Ciao for now,


(Next Week: Which damned plot will be the most interesting for both the writer and the reader?)

Words & Images Copyright Timothy G.M. Reynolds

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