The Cynglish Beat: What I Know About Women

Um, this poem is pretty much self-explanatory, at least in my mind, which, since I’m the one who wrote it, should be understood by at least myself.For those of you who think it’s sexist or misogynistic, tough ‘cookies’… it’s all in fun.

Excerpted from The Cynglish Beat by Tim Reynolds, due out in early 2010 from Cometcatcher Press.

Beauties & the Best, er, Beast
Hawaiian Tropic Models & Tim Reynolds


Socrates spoke out and pointed out that

“All I know is that I know nothing”,

and some days nothing is so much more than I could ever know.

I know no answer will be sufficient.

Insufficience reigns down in torrents.

I know no apology will cover my sin.

Sin is not in… not in-style, indeed.

I know no reason will be reason enough.

Quite unreasonable,

I reason.

I know that I know not what I should know about that which we are discussing.

Discussed ignorance, mine.

But day in and day out I know, irrevocably, unconditionally, without recourse,

That before I even utter any words… I am wrong.

And that is all that I know, about women.


That’s it, that’s all.

Ciao for now,


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