Stepping in Poop, All Day Long.

I just want to thank everyone for their well wishes with regards to the competition tonight. Here’s the kind of day NOT to have before you’re expected to be funny:

  1. Get 2 hours sleep due to snoring Yorkshire Terrier.
  2. 6:30am, hit a pothole and blow out the glass in the sign above the windshield on your work vehicle.
  3. Noon: don’t get as long a nap as you need between your split shift.
  4. 5:45PM get a text message that your honey bunny has been taken to the hospital by her daughter to deal with the pain from the last few days.
  5. Cellphone dies. Rush home to get charger.
  6. Get locked out of front door by broken lock. Hike over crusty snow to back door to get in.
  7. Call said girlfriend, have her tell you to go compete, she’ll be fine, just remember to hit ‘record’ on video camera.
  8. 6:20PM Rushing to get to the comedy club, stop at a red light, then turn right (legal here) just after invisible pedestrian steps onto crosswalk three lanes to the left.
  9. Get seen by cop.
  10. Get $575/4-demerit-point ticket.
  11. 7:55PM Getting prepared to go up second in the line-up, try not to show surprise when manager tells you first comic cancelled so you’re now number one. You’re now on in about 10 minutes.
  12. 8:10pm. Hit ‘Record’ on video camera, do weak-ass, distracted set in front of a great crowd. Go home and eat pizza after confirming honey bunny on way home from hospital.
  13. Get some fucking sleep.

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  1. Yah, I know… commenting on my own post. Lame.

    But I thought that I should do a short followup to the crappy-day post above. Sleep didn’t stop the idiocy. I was an hour into my work day today when I slipped and fell on black ice (which should be called “invisi-ice”!) and landed on my back.

    Off for four days. Had x-rays and blood work. Very good prognosis, but just one more handful of poop aimed at the fan while I’m looking directly into its epicenter.


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