The Novel Process: The Final Decision

Okay, so today I started with the fictional blogmance/diary of Will Cotsan and his love Sara. Based on the survey I conducted (thanks to the person who filled it out) the title is The Canoe Wrangler’s Love.

Lovers on Ice
Will & Sara Slowskating. Image Copyright T. Reynolds.

The other decision I had to make before writing was the form it would take and the relationship between the characters. I can tell you here that the form is going to be as a blogged diary, love notes of a sort from Will to Sara. Of their relationship, all I’ll say is that I hope to reveal exactly what it is over time, and maybe even add a surprise or two.

Please make as many relevant comments as you would like. You can even make story suggestions, but just take note that if they don’t fit with my overall vision for the tale I will have to pass them by. Sorry.

This won’t be a daily thing, but will at least be a weekly thing, written in real time, sort of.

Please note that this is fiction. There are similarities to real places, people and situations but they are all coincidental. Don’t try to read too much into this. It’s just meant to be entertainment.

Now, back to editing the anthology, revising the novel & novelizing the screenplay.

Ciao for now,



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