Stand-Up Comedy & Life: When Life Bends

Excerpted from Stand Up & Succeed by Timothy G.M. Reynolds from Cometcatcher Press.

Pickle Strikes Again!
Pickle (Mike Dambra) Strikes Again! Copyright Tim Reynolds.

“Comedy happens when you expect something to break and it bends.”

~ Mike Dambra ~

Sometimes it’s the unexpected turn of events which leads down great pathways. Alexander Fleming discovered  penicillin when he forgot to wash his culture plates — not exactly what he was expecting when he went away on vacation.

A sad and unfortunate miscarriage led a friend of mine to re-evaluate her relationship, which led to a break-up with her less-than-understanding boyfriend. A short while later she met a great guy who loved her like no one had before and they are now happily married and their first child just turned one. Oh, and they’re also partners in a highly Successful consulting business.



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