Shooting for Success: ‘Shooting’ Your Pets

(All photos copyright Tim Reynolds.)

Phoenix on the Run
Puppy Phoenix on the Run

Okay,this blog is a little late so I’ll fire out the facts as quickly and as simply as I can.

Sedona & Phoenix in a Teacup-Sept07
Sedona & Phoenix in a Teacup-Sept07

When photographing your pets you want — above all else — to capture their personality. If Fido sleeps all day, don’t try to get him to chase a ball for the camera. If Fluffy likes to chase her tail all the time, capture that.

Of course, that being said, don’t be afraid to capture the moments that are unusual. Children and pets can never be photographed too often, unless it’s by a stranger sitting on a park bench, just watching and watching.

Laptop Dog
Laptop Dog

I also like to try different angles than my usual standing upright. Get low, get high.

Get silly.

Phoenix age 6 (flash)
Phoenix age 6 (flash)

Then try different lighting. Try the flash, then try opening the curtains and shooting in natural light.

Phoenix`s 6th Birthday
Phoenix`s 6th Birthday (no flash)

Check out how the colour changes and the image gets softer.

Be inventive. Have fun.

Ciao for now.


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