Stand-Up Comedy & Life: Bullies

Excerpted from Stand Up & Succeed by Timothy G.M. Reynolds from Cometcatcher Press.

“Someone once told me ‘Don’t play to the comics’.”

~Lori Gibbs~

Stand Up& Succeed by Tim Reynolds
Stand Up& Succeed by Tim Reynolds

“Playing to the comics” simply means telling  jokes that the other comics in the room will get but the audience probably won’t. That might make you cool among the comics, but it reeks of disrespect for your audience.

If you don’t respect your audience — the people who paid to hear you — enough to tell your jokes to them, you’re nothing more than a bully with a microphone. I’ve never met a bully who really succeeded at anything that mattered by bullying, and I’ve had to deal with bullies for over 45 years.

You can’t bully love or a repeat customer or a friend or even a business partner, because there are too many other choices out there and no one chooses a bully, except out of fear, and fear is a damned poor foundation for Success.

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