Stand-Up Comedy & Life: Etiquette

Excerpted from Stand Up & Succeed by Timothy G.M. Reynolds from Cometcatcher Press.

“The most important thing that seems to get neglected is etiquette. No one seems to teach it or cares to learn it, yet it is the make-or-break of the industry.”

~Terry Hollas~

More and more these days I’m seeing a complete lack of the basic social rules that separate us from savages. We have an entire generation who has no qualms about spitting on sidewalks, shoving their way through crowded doorways, and not giving up their seats on the bus to the elderly, the infirm or even expectant mothers.

Can anyone tell me what kind of Success is possible when we don’t even respect each other? The fix? Don’t just lecture the young — lead by example; and try to spend more time interacting with your children so they get imprinted with that positive example. If we Succeed only as individuals, we fail as a society.

That’s it, that’s all.

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  1. Interesting comment, though I don’t think it’s entirely true. We’ve had a relative respite from bad manners over the last century but I think if you were to go back a touch farther in history and onward you’d find far more appalling behavior even to our standards.

    I’m not saying it’s an excuse, but I can’t say the Race is at an all time low either. Too much history to back that up.

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