The Cynglish Beat: Phantom of the Wallet

This is one of the poems which is not excerpted from upcoming The Cynglish Beat by Tim Reynolds from Cometcatcher Press, but it might be in the next one.


My lady woman dragged me, pulled me, coerced me

to sell pints of blood, make some bucks and take her

to see Phantom of the Opera.

Which, I shouldn’t have to say, was not is not on my list

of ways to spend time while visiting family in T.O.

So I shave, we dress, we take the subway way downtown.

Next thing I know, he’s up there singing

“Floating, falling, sweet intoxication”

And I’m bored in the nosebleeds thinking

“Kill me slowly, I’m wasting my vacation.

Could have seen the peelers

or gone to watch the Leafs lose,

But here I am sitting on my ass,

Watching a singing freak in a mask.

Closed my eyes and she hit me,

‘cuz I started to snore…”

So I went out to the lobby for a beer.


Ciao for now,



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