A Triple Sunset?

I have no idea how often this happens around the worlds, but I was witness to a triple sunset the other day.

The sun had just slipped below the Rocky Mountains on the western horizon but it was still illuminating the high clouds of the coming storm. Oddly enough, there were two rain systems between the mountains and me and they both were dropping miles-wide ‘sheets’ of rain. One was in the northwest and the other was north-by-northwest. Each of these two sheets were also illuminated by the setting sun, but in isolation from the surrounding clouds.

The resulting affect was a sunset in the west, a strong glow in the Northwest, and a third shimmering glow only slightly less-intense north-by-northwest. Like three suns setting side-by-each as my Maritimer father would have said.

Add to that seeing four planets (Venus, Saturn, Mars & Earth. Yes, Earth counts! Pluto might not for some, but the Earth does) with the naked eye at once, it was a good week for otherworldliness.

Now, back to writing Dark Urban Fantasy.

Ciao for now.



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