A New Steampunk Anthology!

20001 A Steampunk Odyssey
20001 A Steampunk Odyssey

Very quickly, my first Steampunk story, “Hawkwood’s Folly” is available in KindlingPress’ 20001: A Steampunk Odyssey, which is now available as an eBook from Amazon.com and Smashwords.

“From gunshots in the streets of Paris to brass-and-glass automatons on the sea floor off the coast of North Africa, “Hawkwood’s Folly” draws an English lord, a French doctor and a young Russian bo’s’n’s mate into the deadly ocean depths on their quest to build a Utopia where no man has ventured before.

“Hawkwood’s Folly” blends together equal portions of science, philosophy, and adventure in a Jules Verne homage that asks ‘how far is too far?’.”

Automaton Skull
Remains found in the wreckage of Hawkwood's Haven

That’s it, that’s all.

Ciao for now.



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