Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise taken from Fairview Lookout.

Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise taken from Fairview Lookout.

This is my photo of Chateau Lake Louise at the shore of glacial Lake Louise in Banff National Park.I sold the original to the hotel back in the 90s and this link is from their website where they are still using the image.

Yes, the Lake really is that colour. This was taken in the fall after the first snowfall (late Sept or early Oct) but before the lake freezes. The lake doesn’t thaw again until June so to get clear skies, fresh snow and no ice is a real treat for a photographer up there, even one who lives in the buildings behind the hotel.

Damn, I miss the place. But cold? It hit -60C with windchill there once and -40 isn’t uncommon. And winter is outrageously long. No wonder we drank a lot.

Once the lake freezes nearby Brewster Stables runs horse-drawn sleigh rides down one shore of the lake. Cuddle with your sweetie under the blankets and see one of the most stunning winter views in North America.

Time to go make some tea, because just thinking about winter up there makes me cold. I used to work ON the frozen lake in winter, standing next to an ice castle, offering people hot chocolate. Hey, someone had to do it.


Ciao for now.


Photo by Timothy G.M. Reynolds. Image is the property of Fairmont Hotels and Resorts.

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