A Short Summary of Tim Reynolds’ Published Short Fiction Since 9-2011


It has been a busy 12 months for my suddenly-alive short story writing and I thought I’d quickly toss up the covers of the projects done and the ones scheduled before the end of 2012. Let’s start with the Photoshopped writer’s shelf.

My Writer's Shelf

Writer’s Tears with writer’s cheers (covers).

Imaginarium 2012
Imaginarium 2012: Containing “Hawkwood’s Folly” by Tim Reynolds.
In Places Between 2012
In Places Between 2012: Contains “Lyoshka & the Steam Butterfly” by Tim Reynolds.
Mytherium: Tales of Mythical and Magical Creatures
Mytherium: Tales of Mythical and Magical Creatures. Contains “Dragons in Suburbia” by Tim Reynolds.
Cavalcade Of Terror
Cavalcade Of Terror: Contains “Of Monsters and Men” by Tim Reynolds.
Danse Macabre: Encounters with the Reaper
Danse Macabre: Encounters with the Reaper. Contains “Blue-Black Night” by Tim Reynolds.
Shanghai Steam
Shanghai Steam: Contains “The Ability of Lightness” by Tim Reynolds
I'll Never Go Away 2
I’ll Never Go Away 2: Contains “Danny in the Dark” by Tim Reynolds.
20001: A Steampunk Odyssey
20001: A Steampunk Odyssey: Contains “Hawkwood’s Folly” by Tim Reynolds.

That’s it, so far. There are a couple web-based publications without cover art and there are some pending projects, but these are the anthologies from the last year, up to the end of October 2012.

More information can be found at www.tgmreynolds.com or on Amazon.com at my Author Central Page: http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B003KCV338.

It’s Friday night and I needs food, so

Ciao for now.



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