Shanghai Steam (a Wuxia Steam Punk anthology)

Shanghai Steam from Absolute Xpress
Shanghai Steam, due October 2012.

From my blurb on the Shanghai Steam Facebook Page:

By blending actual martial arts with the mythical and science-fictional, and then setting it all in a real place in a specific time, I tried to make ‘The Ability of Lightness’ feel like a true story that no one had told before. From the research into tai chi movements, to the Chinese calendar for that exact year, to the layout of Galden Namgey Lahtse monastery, I wanted the story to not just entertain the average reader, but to ring true with anyone familiar with t’ai chi or even the monastery itself. Of course, the dragon cave and the dragon are fictional, but a reader should be able to use my story to actually find their way through some of the monastery, or even replicate the motions Yu makes as he’s practicing his t’ai chi. As for developing the ability of lightness, we all have the capability, if we just reach deep down inside ourselves…”

That’s it, that’s all. More to come later, I suppose.

Ciao for now,



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