When Lassie Needed Timmy

A very surreal experience this morning…

Pup on the move.
When the dog comes to the man for a rescue.

Walking to work when a small Yorkshire Terrier raced across 50′ of quiet road, barking like mad and favouring one rear paw. It was cold and a bit snowy out. He was wearing tags so I called him over to pick him up but the barked and ran away a few feet, waiting for me to follow.

So I followed. He kept coming back, barking, running away. I kept following him and he led me back across the street and up to a house. He ran up the side steps and to a patio door. I rang the bell, hoping someone was home, otherwise I was going to be late for work trying to solve the problem.

A moment before the door was answered, the patio door slid open and the pup raced in, across the house and up into the living room window where it barked at me. The door was answered by the Dad, and the dog was definitely theirs. He didn’t know the dog was even out. I think the kids in the background might have known what was going on, though.

So Lassie came to Timmy for the rescue, for once. Well, well, well.


That’s it, that’s all.

Ciao for now.



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