Yo, Canada!

Happy Canada Day EVERYONE.

Wherever you are in the world, whatever your nationality, help us celebrate our nation’s birthday. Why? Because you are welcome here.

For 147 years we’ve been doing our best to build a nation that has open doors and open arms, whether you’re fleeing or vacationing.

We are the largest country in the world, but one of the least regionally-segregated (no matter how Quebec rattles the separation sabre). We’re all proud of where we call home, but we don’t beat each other up over it.

Lake Oesa, BC
Lake Oesa in Yoho National Park, BC

We’re far from perfect, but instead of denial and a rant from a pulpit, you’ll get an apology…and a coupon for Tim Horton’s.

We don’t want to run the world, we just want to help it run better.

If the US, China, and Russia are the bullies, the Brits are the -self-appointed upper crust, the Aussie’s are the friend out back with the dirty mags and Dad’s beer, then Canada is the Boy Scout. Not dumb, not smart, just plodding along, trying to be prepared while the rest of the world ignores us or yells at us or makes fun of our funny uniforms.

We follow others into a war but we’ll lead the charge when we’re needed.

We don’t fear the enemy, we fear apathy.

We don’t pound our chest to say how great Canadians are (except right now), we pound the table of international human rights and say how great we ALL are.

My family has been in North America for almost 400 years, and in Canada for over 250 years. We didn’t build it with doors to keep people out or people in, we built it as a gathering place.

One mean of the Iroquoian word ‘kanata’ is ” settlement”. So settle by the fire, put your feet up, and help us celebrate a day we’re glad to share with the world.

There will be beer and fireworks later.

Happy Canada Day.

Ciao for now,



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