I’m Not a Machine!

Some people are under the impression that I’ve written all three novels recently. Not at all. The fantasy took more than three years to write and was finished last summer. The thriller took over three years to write and was just finished last week. The mystery took six months to write and was just finished at the end of July. “Waking Anastasia” took over five years to write, having first started as a screenplay.

Finally, the scifi novel has taken thirty years, and the new first draft will be done this week or next. It will then take until at least Christmas for it to be polished.
I’m no writing wizard or machine, it just looks that way with how things have all converged at this time. And no, I don’t have amazing self-discipline. If I took all my Facebook time and used it for writing fiction, then I would have double or tripled my output. Of course, then I’d be an unshaven recluse stuck in the heads of my characters, needing serious professional help. Oh. Wait. That IS who I am.
Time to feed my beasts before they fade away.
Ciao for now.

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