The Master of My Own Domain…Name.

I'm a wee bit odd, but unless you're new here, you knew that already. I like websites that don't exist. I don't just like them, I own some. (This is where you ask "Why would a usually semi-half-sane writer want to own fake domain names?") (And this is where I answer such an insightful query)... Continue Reading →


GUEST BLOGGER: H. E. Roulo: Plague Master Series – World Building in the PLAGUE MASTER Universe

Today is the first-ever Guest Blogger here at The Tao of Tim! Please welcome, from, my friend and fellow author, H.E. Roulo... As authors, part of our job is world-building. For contemporary stories, it’s often easy to drop in the occasional detail and let readers imagine how characters dress, the style of cell phone,... Continue Reading →

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