The Master of My Own Domain…Name.

I’m a wee bit odd, but unless you’re new here, you knew that already. I like websites that don’t exist. I don’t just like them, I own some. (This is where you ask “Why would a usually semi-half-sane writer want to own fake domain names?”)

(And this is where I answer such an insightful query)

I own, of course, the domain name for my website, plus a Canadian version, There’s also my self-publishing imprint,, and my Blog,
“But that’s just four,” you point out so astutely. Quite right. The other three are what I wish to discuss here, briefly. When you’re writing modern fiction, actually using the website URL within your story can give it a touch of realism. “Pull up the website, Sam. It’s ‘eRomance dot ca’.” rather than “He clicked on the link as Bob had written it down”. If the website plays a major negative roll in a story (my killer finds a victim through, you don’t want to use an already existing company name or domain, because you will then open yourself up to lawsuits.
What I do is create a domain name and purchase it through GoDaddy there are other places to buy domain names, I just don’t use them). It’s not that expensive ($9.99 to $19.99 a year), it’s an allowable business expense, and you can redirect it to your author webpage, even creating a specific page within your main site for the project once it is published.
These are three of the domains I own which exist only in my fiction. Of course, book launch swag can even include a logo I’ve created with the URL. 

The three products seen here were created through, who do wonderful work. I might not give away a briefcase, but it can be a conversation starter, that’s for sure, especially when I add the title of the book after it’s published.

Waking Anastasia by Timothy Reynolds
Waking Anastasia

In Waking Anastasia, the hero Jerry even has his own twitter account, and each chapter begins with one of his music-related tweets.

You can even create a simpler name for your blog and just direct it to the actual blog. is cleaner on a business card than, and if I change blog site providers, then the domain name simply gets redirected again.
That’s it, that’s all. My rambling for the week. Leave it or take it.
Ciao for now,



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