About the Tim

Tim Reynolds as a pilot in a TV pilot about pilots
WWII cadet pilot in Vulcan EFTS

I suppose there are a few of us left, men & women who have their thumb in such a variety of pies, utilizing a variety of talents, that they are called Jacks-of-all-Trades, with the more talented called by the much more romantic tag of Renaissance Man/Woman. Less-romantically, the term is “polymath”, meaning someone whose expertise spans a number of areas.

I am master of none, so the Jack-of-all-Trades tag will have to do, with my trades including some modicum of success in all of the following areas, at one time or another: writing, editing, photography, painting, stand-up comedy, editorial cartooning, musical theatre, improv, game show contestant, switchboard operator & bus driving. I’ve also been a teacher, a restaurant manager, lifeguard, accountant, flooring installer & a bartender, to name a few. These areas have experienced less success so I seldom list them amongst my trades, though I am ‘trained’ to do them. The two photos here give the impression that I may be a trained pilot but that is not yet one of my skills, though I have taken Theory of Flight training.

Photographer with Shock Trauma Air Rescue Service

I enjoy using my brain and can be found at any given time reading a book, watching a movie and designing/creating my next project — usually at the same time. I don’t brag of any superior intelligence, I am simply who I am. I have made far too many stupid decisions in my life to lay claim to being anything more than average.

I have rubbed elbows with some of the most famous people on the planet and have found them all to be very human and very likable, with few exceptions. I like to think that if I ever get a degree of fame beyond 15 minutes that I will be as gracious and kind as those I’ve admired and met. That said, I enjoy telling a good story but am not prone to making sh*t up and passing it off as fact. My fiction is obviously fiction and the rest is just my life.

I collect friends like I collect books — I have a diverse collection and I cherish each and every one, though sometimes I don’t ‘read’ as often as I should.

I’m a sentimentalist who has a dog and two cats instead of children and challenge anyone to prove that those animals aren’t equal to a child any day of the year, especially on Parent-Teacher Night.

Buddy System
Craig, J.Stephen, Tasha & Tim

I am also one of the most objective Devil’s Advocates you will run across and I love a good discussion on just about any worthy subject.

More later. Or check out my website at http://www.tgmreynolds.com

Ciao for now,


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  1. I was a ‘ dear ‘ friend of David’s back in the day.. Eaton’s college st store.. What’s the news of David

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