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Stop Believing in Soul Mates

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In the News this week: A boy murdered a girl because they broke up with him. Then he died from a gunshot wound. While we’re pointing fingers at his father for owning the gun, or the mental health industry for not seeing whatever they didn’t see, or the gun lobby for being the gun lobby, let’s also take a damned close look at the entertainment industry.

For a start, over the next few days listen closely to the lyrics of your music, and ask yourself how many of them talk about “ownership” or “heartbreak” or “no one else for me”. From John Lennon’s “Woman”, to every country song that’s not about drinking or a truck.

See, here’s the thing. There are some amazing relationships out there, but none…NONE…of them are more important than the individuals within the relationships. That’s not how we’ve been raised, though. From music to movies to television, even to books, we’ve been taught about “soul mates” and “split-apart hearts” and “perfect mates”, and it’s all BULLSHIT.

LOVE isn’t bullshit, what’s bullshit is that there’s only one truly great love in a person’s life, that without that person, we are incomplete, worthless. Of course, when we lose a great love our hearts break and we feel less than we were with them. We feel incomplete. That’s natural and the big risk of falling in love. The whole was greater than the parts…but the removal of one part does not negate the remaining parts!

Stop waiting for your soul mate.The great myth is that life is over when that love leaves. It’s not. It might feel like it. It might hurt like hell, especially if the two hearts were intertwined in all the best ways, but the cool thing about humans is that we’re resilient. We survive. We can even bounce back.

But we train our children from a young age that life begins and ends with finding a mate. Maybe you didn’t do this to your children directly, but the movies, the books, the shows you shared with them, did. No date for the prom? You’re a loser. A virgin at 20, you must be ugly and worthless. Not married by 25, you must be gay or a freak or both.

Even our language indicates that a relationship equals ownership. “She is MY…” “He is MY…” “I HAVE a…”

I’m not pointing a finger at anyone else without pointing one at myself, too. I’m the biggest romantic on the planet. Just read my stories. But I also know that for every time my heart was torn out of my chest, it found its way back home, eventually.

I’m not saying we need to stop writing/producing/singing love stories, we just need to teach our children that life doesn’t begin and end with one other person, so that they grow up with a healthy attitude toward relationships.

Finally, to all my friends who have lost their spouse, their partner for life… I send sincere hugs. Your pain is real and valid and sometimes bigger than you are…but it is not more IMPORTANT than you are.

My rant is done. Hug your loved ones. And if you don’t have any loved ones, hug yourself…because your value is just as great.

Ciao for now.



Stand Up Comedy & Life: Clutter

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Excerpted from Stand Up & Succeed by Timothy G.M. Reynolds from Cometcatcher Press.

“Either use the microphone stand or make sure it’s out of the way when you’re on stage.”

~Martin Bell~

Tim Reynolds as Jack Nicholson

Uncluttered: the mic, the sunglasses and me. Copyright 2009. Tim Reynolds.

Don’t let clutter get in your way and distract you from the task at hand. Remember that clutter can be physical, mental or emotional, so do what you have to do to clean it up — even if that means applying a little Feng Shui to your soul.


A True Story:

I was on a city bus when the rear doors malfunctioned so that even when they closed they didn’t release the ‘rear interlock’, a safety feature which prevents the bus from moving when the doors are open.

The bus was stuck at the stop so the rookie driver hopped out of his seat, casually strolled to the back of the bus and jiggled the door handles in an attempt to solve the problem.

His technique worked almost immediately and the interlock released its hold. Unfortunately, rookie-boy had forgotten to apply the emergency brake or put the bus in neutral before he left his seat, so as soon as the interlock was off the bus started driving itself slowly down the street while the red-in-the-face, wet-behind-the-ears driver ran back down the aisle to jump in his seat and apply the brakes. His cool-under-fire comment?

“Wellllll, it’s never done THAT before.”

Yup, never let them see your fear.


Words and Images Copyright Tim Reynolds.

Stand-Up Comedy & Life: Fear

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“If you don’t feel at least a little fear when you go up on stage, you need to try a bigger stage, because fear is where the adrenalin comes from and adrenalin is what feeds Success.”

~ Tim Reynolds ~

Every Successful person in every field of endeavour will tell you that each individual Success against the odds creates a ‘rush’, a joyous electric current deep down in whatever passes for their soul. Creation is called “the spark of life” for a reason — it gave God a six-day workweek and it made Frankenstein’s monster sit up and fart. So strap the alligator clips to your parts and turn up the juice, because once you know the rules, the only one that’ll be blocking your path to Success is you.

Ciao for now,


An excerpt from Stand Up & Succeed, by Timothy G.M. Reynolds, from Cometcatcher Press.

Words and Images are Copyright 2009 Tim Reynolds.