Cross-Pollination in Writing…

In the last six months I've sold three short stories, written three more and have two more and two novels on various spinning plates and have taken a break this evening to watch I AM COMIC on Netflix.I spent six years playing in the open mic night amateur scene in Calgary and with one or... Continue Reading →

Stand-Up Comedy & Life: Etiquette

Can anyone tell me what kind of Success is possible when we don’t even respect each other? The fix? Don’t just lecture the young — lead by example; and try to spend more time interacting with your children so they get imprinted with that positive example. If we Succeed only as individuals, we fail as a society.

Stand-Up Comedy & Life: Naked & Honest

Excerpt from Stand Up & Succeed by Tim Reynolds from Cometcatcher Press. “Comedy at its most brilliant is when a comic stands on stage emotionally naked and honest.” ~Dan Quinn~ Business is most Successful when it’s stripped-down and honest. Start with that raw foundation and maintain a level of integrity in all your dealings —... Continue Reading →

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