Yo, Canada!

If the US, China, and Russia are the bullies, the Brits are the -self-appointed upper crust, the Aussie's are the friend out back with the dirty mags and Dad's beer, then Canada is the Boy Scout. Not dumb, not smart, just plodding along, trying to be prepared while the rest of the world ignores us or yells at us or makes fun of our funny uniforms.

Faith, and stuff. Ramblings from my Facebook posts when I should be working.

Feel free to disagree with me. I'll probably disagree with you.We must not use logic or science to challenge faith, but rather use 'equality for all mankind' as the basis. There is no need to understand the 'why' of faith, only what the result will be when that faith is acted upon. "Will my faith feed the... Continue Reading →

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