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The Search for the ‘Perfect’ Author Photo of an Imperfect Author

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Tim Reynolds - writer

Author Tim Reynolds, who specializes in stories that mess with history and time.

Very quickly (it’s late): I have tried numerous photos to represent me and my writing and got carried away trying to put all of the book covers into the shot now that I actually have some to add, but in my life & writing there are some common elements which I think can be better represented than they have been.

I refuse to do a serious photo with my chin on my fist — that’s intellectual cheesecake and smacks of lack of imagination. If we can write amazing stories, can we not imagine a photo which shows readers who we are (or as much as we’re willing to reveal)?

I can. So here’s the latest incarnation of my author photo. This one is for my Tim Reynolds/Timothy Reynolds/Timothy G.M. Reynolds self. My pen names will just have to find their own photos. This shot shows a skull prop from one of my stories (“Hawkwood’s Folly”) and the watch from my as-yet-unpublished “Picking a Professor”, which got me started collecting cool pocket watches. Photoshop 5 was used to put it all together. But what’s most important here is that this shot shows my sense of mischief (I hope). All you can expect from my stories is the unexpected, and maybe a sense of fun.

That’s it, that’s all.

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End the Glorifying of Serial/Fame Killers

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RANT & Rhetorical Question TIME: Does knowing about horrific crimes deter us from committing anything similar? Or does it just titillate and entertain us? 

What if there was an immediate publication ban on the names of all fame/serial killers so that they can’t achieve ANY degree of fame or infamy. We don’t learn from past mistakes so why glorify them? 

Give the f**kers a numerical code, not cool monickers (Hillside Strangler) or ANY photos. 

For every sick, twisted, murdering freak loving the press and attention, there are dozens more already trying to figure out how they can do one better. Bundy, Gacey, Dahlmer, Berkowitz… if we didn’t even know their names people couldn’t identify with them and perpetuate their infamy. 

How many people would follow the story of a serial killer and his trial if the details were limited to “Some guy killed some people and will probably not be put in general population in prison because he has still has rights he gave up when he took another life”?

And not just ban the publication of the names and details, but make the penalties for doing so so steep that a publication couldn’t afford to violate the rule.

Yah, I hear you now chanting “Freedom of the Press!”, “Freedom of Information”, “The people have a right to know!” “You can’t tell us what we can and can’t know!” “That’s censorship!”

You say that now, but I bet if any of you lost a family member to serial/fame-killer(s) you’d change your tune. Have I? Of course not. I don’t need to feel the pain first hand to recognize that a serious-ass problem exists and everyone of you who repeat a name or read an article are part of the problem. 

Evil doesn’t create these beasts, WE do. 

(Rant done. Back to writing about fictional societies that are even more broken than our own.)


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