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The Canoe Wrangler’s Love – Temporarily suspended

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Sorry for the inconvenience everyone, but due to a couple of pressing novel-length projects with self-imposed deadlines, I’m having to suspend work on the weekly Blogmance, “The Canoe Wrangler’s Love”.  With luck, I’ll be able to get back at it before the end of February.




The Canoe Wrangler’s Love: The Blogmance Starts Here

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The Canoe Wrangler’s Love: an Original Blogmance

by Tim Reynolds

(Will Cotsan loves Sara & here’s their blogstory)

Well, Sara, here’s the blog. At breakfast you said a love-blog would be cool, my love, so I’ve taken up the challenge, just for you. Our story, out world, updated weekly or half-weekly or even daily… though you said that once a week would be plenty to start with.

And you’re right. — I do need to write more, to express myself more, and I think our story of undying love is just the project to get me going, to goose my juices, so to speak. It will be a journal of the dance our two souls are cha-cha-cha-ing.

Since you and I know who we are and a blog is pretty public, I guess it would be best if I let readers know that we live in staff housing, a mile above sea level in the Rocky Mountains, about two hundred yards from a stunning mountain lake and the grand hotel where we both work. You’re the waitress and I’m a guy who rents overpriced canoes to tourists too lazy to walk the mile-and-a-half to the other end of the lake. It’s a tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it, don’t they, Sweetheart? LOL

Rocky Mountain Winter

Winter in the Rockies. Copyright Timothy Reynolds.

It’s been a month since you moved from the hotel’s Reservations Department to the Wine Studio restaurant and I love that you’re so happy. I don’t think you’ve been this stoked about the job since you broke your collarbone snowboarding and they transferred you to the Front Office two winters ago.

It’s four in the afternoon, January 21st. You’ve headed over to work at the grand castle by the lake and I just got back home after a day of lifeguarding at the pool. (Can’t wait for summer when the lake thaws and we can put the canoes back out!) Once again, I tried to catch you before you left but you were off like a shot, going over early, again, to yack with your Food & Beverage friends before the dinner shift begins. One of these days I’m going to have to get our schedules synchronized.

In the meantime, tonight after your shift maybe we can try that Robert Mondavi white you and your coworkers were going on and on about at the pub on Saturday. I also got a bottle of the matching red — a Cabernet Sauvignon, I think. Or we can just watch “You’ve Got Mail” again. Whatever your heart desires.

Lovers on Ice

Will & Sara Slowskating. Image Copyright T. Reynolds.

This being just the first blog of what I know will be many, I’ll tie it up now and get started on folding the laundry before having a beer. With luck, I’ll be able to catch you in the cafeteria when you take your break. I hope you have a good shift, my love.


(Excerpt from Tim ReynoldsThe Canoe Wrangler’s Love: an Original Blogmance)