Shooting for Success: Serendipity & Light

This was about as serendipitous a shot as I've ever sold. Believe it or not, this shot was taken in late September. The snow hit in 24 hours and covered everything. We had just hiked up Bow Summit and taken a slew of images of stunning Peyto Lake.


"Spending more time with strangers travelling to and from work than with our own families before and after, work. Strangers who twitch and swear and spit and shove, behaving better than the people we love to love, from below or above, Reeking of solvents or bathed in Old Spice or new Axe or that industrial-strength Brut left over from Christmas 1979."


There will essentially be four categories of posts here at The Tao of Tim: * excerpts from the second edition of my guide to life based on the rules of stand-up comedy: "Stand Up & Succeed" * excerpts from the upcoming book of hilariously cynical poetry: "The Cynglish Beat" * excerpts from the collection of humorous, true stories (tentatively titled) "How to Get Kicked Out of a Brothel"

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