The Tao of Tim Podcast is hatched…

It starts off simply, with a story and a couple voices... Listen to The Tao of Tim podcast

The Cynglish Beat: The Devolution of Conversation

This is a love letter for the conversationally-retarded. If you don't understand what it says at all, then count yourself lucky. If you do 'get it', you may be part of the problem.

A Break in the Blog…

One of the projects is the reading of the proofs of the Podthology: The Pod Complex (requiring this entire weekend) and the other is the novelization of one of my screenplays, and this really needs to get done sooner rather than later.

The Cynglish Beat: What’s in a Cover?

I wanted to achieve a few things with this cover, besides keeping the pages together, 1. It had to draw a viewer's attention. 2. It had to have some class & a professional look (too many self-published books look like amateur shit). 3. It had to have a 'retro' feel, so as to harken back a few decades to the era of the real Beat Generation (Allen Ginsberg & Jack Kerouac, not Bongo Buddy & the Beatniks)

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