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An Imagined Conversation based on a Real Finding

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Seen on the ground next to a bus bench: two used pregnancy test kits and an empty pack of smokes.

The conversation that went with them? Maybe this is how it went…

“Can I bum a smoke?”

“Sure, but not if you’re pregnant.”

“I’m not.”

“Prove it.”

“Okay.” Pees on tester. “See. Not pregnant.”


“Maybe. But you got that from the Dollar Store, so how do we know it’s accurate?”

“Cuz I got two of them. I’ll do it again. This time you hold it, to prove I’m not messing with it.”


Pees on second stick. “See. NOT pregnant.”

Wipes pee-wet hand on own shirt. “Fine. Here’s a smoke. Do you need a light, Steve?”

“Nah. I’m good.”

Litter, by Sam D'Amico

Pack o’ smokes.
by Sam D-Amico (


That’s it, that’s all.

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When Lassie Needed Timmy

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A very surreal experience this morning…

Pup on the move.

When the dog comes to the man for a rescue.

Walking to work when a small Yorkshire Terrier raced across 50′ of quiet road, barking like mad and favouring one rear paw. It was cold and a bit snowy out. He was wearing tags so I called him over to pick him up but the barked and ran away a few feet, waiting for me to follow.

So I followed. He kept coming back, barking, running away. I kept following him and he led me back across the street and up to a house. He ran up the side steps and to a patio door. I rang the bell, hoping someone was home, otherwise I was going to be late for work trying to solve the problem.

A moment before the door was answered, the patio door slid open and the pup raced in, across the house and up into the living room window where it barked at me. The door was answered by the Dad, and the dog was definitely theirs. He didn’t know the dog was even out. I think the kids in the background might have known what was going on, though.

So Lassie came to Timmy for the rescue, for once. Well, well, well.


That’s it, that’s all.

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It’s Not Just a Degree… It’s Your Life

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Learn from my harsh lesson. Do not let your children pick their post-secondary educational institution simply for its reputation; let them pick it for what it has to offer, what they will learn, and how it will help them grow in the directions they want to.

Benny & Me Grad

Graduating from Teacher’s College with one of the best things I took away from University: Benny, my creation from Children’s Drama class.

I went to a college/university with a stunning campus and a stellar reputation, but they taught nothing of what I wanted and needed to learn. I made some fantastic friends who were and still are wrapped around my heart and soul, but as far as time and money well spent… It was four years of great moments strung together.

I have a classical education many around the world would envy… and it was a waste of my time.

Learning-wise, the best semester I EVER had was when I was 29 and registered to go BACK to high school (after getting two degrees) to take the visual Arts and Architectural Drafting that I couldn’t take the first time through. I didn’t go to night school, either, I went back to day school. Grade 11. With 16-year-olds. My art teacher was a year younger than me and graduated from the same teachers college the year after me. But I didn’t know how to paint, so I had something to learn from her. We all had a blast. I even went to the Prom, without a date of course.


College pranking.

In the college residence hall after a newspaper-filling-the-room prank. Yes, the old fella there was a fellow student. Burt was a wonderful man who chose the university life to keep his mind young after he retired from teaching and couldn’t live on his own. Geoff P. is on the left and that’s me on the right.
















Learn to expand on what you love, not what your loved ones love.

That’s it, that’s all.


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