Stand-Up Comedy & Life: Be Yourself

“Be yourself — if you’re a funny human being and you’re just being yourself up there, you’ll succeed.” ~Steven Kravitz~

The Cynglish Beat: Phantom of the Wallet

Next thing I know, he’s up there singing “Floating, falling, sweet intoxication” And I’m bored in the nosebleeds thinking

Stand-Up Comedy & Life: Etiquette

Can anyone tell me what kind of Success is possible when we don’t even respect each other? The fix? Don’t just lecture the young — lead by example; and try to spend more time interacting with your children so they get imprinted with that positive example. If we Succeed only as individuals, we fail as a society.

Stand-Up Comedy & Life: Family Network

You don’t have to be around them every week, but somewhere in your ‘original network’ there must be one or two individuals who you can stand to send an email to every couple weeks just to see how life is treating them.

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